Helping refugee youth learn to live independently.

A special residential program.

Transitional Living Center (TLC) is a specialized residential program that is committed to helping refugee youth adjust to a new culture and achieve independence. TLC provides education, intensive training in independent living, and therapy.

Residents undergo six learning phases. Each one requires a level of competence in order to progress to the next phase. Certain milestones are completed as the youth prepare to live independently.

There are also specialized classes for residents to learn about U.S. customs, laws, language, and general cultural information.

Many of our residents have experienced complex trauma. TLC provides resources to help these individuals heal and recover through group or individual counseling sessions.


Young Hatian man at the Transitional Living CenterHow can you get involved?

There are many volunteer opportunities to support our refugee youth. Residents have access to English classes and tutoring designed to assist them in learning English. This will maximize their abilities to learn and benefit from their classes in the U.S. educational system.

Contact us:

For volunteer opportunities, including tutoring and mentoring, please contact the TLC program supervisor at 616.254.7747.

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