Adoption Subsidy for January 2013

I received two emails yesterday with important information on adoption subsidy for 2013.  I don't have many details but here is what I know....

There are over 3000 families who do not have a W9 on file with the Department of Management and Budget. These families will not get a subsidy check in January if they do not register ASAP. Families can call the Department of Management and Budget at (517) 373-4111 to verify that they have a W9 on file. Families can also go to any local DHS office and use the kiosk to update this information

Update on subsidy:
Families absolutely need to register on or they won’t get a subsidy  check in January, 2013.  The W9 is just part of the process.  My understanding is this is a one time thing.  And this is related to taxes, not sure how, as it is not taxable income, but they still have to report.  All I know is they must register and the only way to do so now is online or at a kiosk in the local offices.   

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