Bethany Christian Services’ Albania program is now open for intake for individuals or families who are open to a child who is a minimum of 0 to 4 years old at time of referral or a child who is on our Waiting Child database.

In Albania:

Since 1991, Bethany Social Services Albania has supported children and strengthened families through:

  • Foster care
  • Family counseling
  • Sponsorship
  • School-based social services
  • Family preservation programs.

We are working with the government to deinstitutionalize children and to reform the child welfare system. Our desire is to help evolve the system into one that supports and strengthens communities and families and provides family-based protective care for children in need or at risk of being abandoned. We provide material and social service support to needy families through our Sponsorship program. We also facilitate a small number of international adoptions from Albania.  Currently, our adoption program serves families who have Albanian heritage or families who are adopting children with identified special needs.

The greatest need we currently have in Albania is for funding toward family preservation services.  If you feel compelled to help the children and families of Albania, please designate your donation to Albania or sponsor a child or family in Albania through our sponsorship program. Your gifts will strengthen families and protect children.



Albania facts:

Population: 2,994,667 (July 2011 est.*)

Capital city: Tirana

Official language: Albanian

Religion: Muslim 70%, Albanian Orthodox 20%, Roman Catholic 10% *

Government: Parliamentary democracy


Ready to take the next steps towards adoption?

Each country Bethany works in has unique requirements and costs for adoption. We also work with in-country specialists who are ready to assist you in your adoption journey. To get started fill out our free preliminary application or learn more about international adoption.



Sponsor a family in need:

Can you extend a hand in love to a child or family in need? Families and communities benefit in tangible ways from sponsorship. Through Bethany, your money provides direct and specific care based on the individual needs of a family. When you sponsor through Bethany, you will join a group of sponsoring individuals to provide the level of care that is needed.

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  About Albania:

Albania is located in southeast Europe. Touching the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea, its bordering neighbors are: Montenegro to the NW, Kosovo NE, Macedonia E, and Greece S/SE.  Albania is not very large: Comparatively, it is about the size of Maryland. Very densely populated to the West, of the aproximately 3 million people who live there, an estimated 500,000 live in Tirana, Albania's capital city.





Global children's fund:

Our Global Children’s Fund provides for children and families facing life or death situations because of extreme poverty and medical crisis. Together we can give hope for a future to these families.
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