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The Call

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Kristi Gleason, International Programs Director at Bethany Global, contributes today's post.

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As we celebrate God’s greatest gift through Jesus this Christmas season, our hearts and minds turn to giving as well. We delight in choosing just the right item—big or small—to tell each loved one and friend on our list, “You are important; I care about you.”

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Both stay at home moms with newborns, Ivy bought a sewing machine and Britney a monogram machine. Ivy taught herself how to sew. Together they started making handbags and other products to sell. After a while, they couldn't keep up. They created a business plan and Initials, Inc. was born. Britney and Ivy started Initials, Inc. with the heart to be home and ever present moms to their children. To them it has never been about handbags—or even money in those bags—it has always been about changing the future.

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Bethany Co-founders on building site

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Andrew VanderVeer, a Christian Reformed Church missionary who ran the West Fulton Street Mission in Grand Rapids, Michigan, loved children. As a Grand Rapids Press article about the beginnings of Bethany Christian Services said, “He had long worked closely with Kent County Probate Judge John Dalton, who often referred troubled kids to him for help.

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We are thrilled to share with you one of our first placements from the These 400 Campaign! Little Michael has found his forever family with Dan and Kelsey Golden. Here, Kelsey holds her son Michael just seconds after meeting him for the first time.

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Luke is ten years old. He has two adopted sisters, Darvi and Jemila, and a brother, Caleb. His sisters were adopted from Ethiopia, and all four children have also become friends with other adopted Ethiopian children in their area. Sometimes they talk about what life would look like had they been born someone else, or in a different country, or to a different family. 

Luke with his sisters Jemila and Darvi

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When God puts dreams in the hearts of those who love Him, He grants them strength and opportunity to see those dreams become reality. Mary DeBoer’s trust in His provision for her dream made all the difference in Bethany Christian Services’ beginnings and mission to meet the needs of vulnerable children.

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