Every Child Podcast, with Angie Weszely

Every Child is a podcast from Bethany examining a variety of topics and issues relative to vulnerable children. From adoption and foster care to the introduction of sustainable social services in developing countries, Every Child features an informative discussion, led by Bethany’s President/CEO Bill Blacquiere, with leading voices from ministries and non-profit organizations, as well as Christian authors and artists.

Joining Bill Blacquiere this week is Angie Weszely, president of Caris – a faith-based, non-profit pregnancy counseling agency based in Chicago – for a discussion on the importance in educating women facing unplanned pregnancies on all of the options available to them.

Guest Profile:

Angie Weszely

I’ve always had big dreams of “changing the world,” so right out of college, I joined a Christian campus ministry and worked in the US and the Middle East. During these years, I learned that what I mean when I say I’m a Christian doesn’t always match what other people think it means. I was concerned about all the negative perceptions people have about Christians and wanted to do something to change that. I was also learning to be honest about my own weaknesses. All of this led me through a grace revolution of understanding God’s love without conditions—and wanting to present that message as what it truly means to follow Christ.

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