More Love Than I Could Ever Imagine

Guest post by Nicole Prince, adopted as an infant along with her twin sister, Christina, from South Korea.

Remember the tradition of bringing a treat to school on your birthday? Those days were the best days for me since, to an elementary schooler, candy is the equivalent of a vacation day in the adult working world, is it not? My birthday is in the summertime, however, when school is no longer in session.

Most years, though, I still got to bring treats—not a birthday treat, but rather, an Arrival Day treat. Our Arrival Day celebration on December 14 signifies the day my adoptive parents picked up my twin sister and me from the Detroit airport, our having traveled all the way from South Korea.

While I was growing up, my parents always said that for them, December 14 was even more of a special day than my birthday. It always confused me, since I much preferred my birthday. No school, a load of friends bearing presents and sugar-frosted cake? I'll take that.

But on that day, almost every year, my dad reads Proverbs 25, his voice wavering just a little bit at verse 25, "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." As a child, I'd pick out a restaurant, open a couple of gifts, and look down at my plate bashfully, like young kids do, as my parents shared what a blessing my twin sister and I were to them. How they arrived at the Detroit airport with all four of my grandparents in tow, awaiting our arrival amidst a snow storm. How thrilled, positively thrilled, they were when we were carried off the plane.

I've always known, without a doubt, that I was their daughter and nothing less. From the beginning, their love burrowed into the depths of my soul, rooting and guiding me.

But now, a few years farther down the road, my understanding of our adoption is even richer and fuller. I value their words differently than I did when I was a little girl. Now I view my sister and my adoption as my greatest blessing.

My greatest blessing, because, out of the thousands of parents awaiting a child, I was placed in their home—the home of two Jesus-loving people who give me more love than I could ever imagine.

Because having them as my parents means I also have the most incredible, godly grandparents—including a grandpa who, hands down, might be the best person alive on this earth.

Because having them as my parents means I grew up alongside my twin sister, with whom I share multiple emails a day, conversations that need only a glance or single word, and an unbreakable bond.

Because having them as my parents means I gained an intelligent, feisty, and inquisitive brother.

And because having them as my parents means that after I visited them in the Midwest and then returned to my home on the East Coast, the tears flowed, hot and salty into my pillow. My love for them wells deeply and fiercely.

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