Champions for Children

How do I become a Champion for Children?

Many children in our world live without hope of a brighter future. When you become a Champion for Children at Bethany, you commit to remembering these children through prayer and action. The three levels of commitment include praying, giving, and becoming involved in an Orphan and Adoption Ministry in your church. Start with the ideas in our Champions for Children Guide and empower your church to act on behalf of vulnerable children. 

As you explore the information listed on this page, you will find many resources and tools to use. If you have additional questions or need a resource you do not see here, contact the knowledgeable staff at Bethany. We are eager to help you! To get more information or to become an official Champion for Children, please contact your nearest Bethany Christian Services office or email us at


Orphan and adoption ministry:

Are you interested in creating or joining an Orphan and Adoption Ministry in your church? Learn how in this video. You will hear ideas on how to engage and encourage the body as well as strategies to create a thriving ministry, regardless of your church congregation's size or experience with orphan care ministry to this point. Once you have watched the video, explore the links below to see what tools, resources, and opportunities best suit the heart of your church. 



Do I qualify to be a Champion for Children?

You need to:

1.      Be an adult in good standing in your church.

2.      Have a passion for helping vulnerable children and families.

3.      Have some knowledge about Bethany and be willing to receive training.

4.      Speak positively about Bethany’s ministry. You do not need to be a public speaker.

5.      Keep Bethany informed about your Champion for Children involvements.

6.      Have an e-mail address that you use regularly.


Subscribe to Family Finder

Family Finder is a monthly eNewsletter that connects families with children who are waiting for their forever family, shares Bethany's updates and prayer requests, and provides helpful adoption-related resources and information.


Ministries to explore:

What area is on the heart of your church?  Here are some of the ways that Bethany serves children, explore and evaluate how your church can get involved. There is room in every ministry for more help.   

Safe Families >

Foster Care >

Family Support >

Special Needs Adoption >

Ways to engage:

There are many ways to engage with Bethany.  What is best for your church?  Whether you are looking to involve your women's ministry, small group, young adult ministry, youth group, or Sunday school, there is a way for everyone to get involved.  Here are a few ways to engage your church:

Orphan Sunday >

Sponsorship >

Adoption ministry:

Bethany serves many children and some are in need of a permanent forever family.  While not everyone is called to adopt, we are all called to do something.  That could be praying faithfuly for children in need of a family, financial support for a family who is adopting, or simply telling people about the need and how they can help.  Please help us get the word out to those families in your congregation who may be feeling that tug on thier heart to adopt. Here are some resources to help educate and engage:

About Bethany adoption >

Adoption video library >

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