In China:

Although a thriving country, China still has tens of thousands of orphaned and abandoned children in need of a family. We help many children in China find families through adoption, but for some, that is not the answer. We are partnering with the Chinese government to help find each of these children the loving home they deserve.

We are serving children and families in China through:

  • Adoption
  • In-country foster care
  • Sponsorship
  • Family preservation

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Since 1992, we have facilitated more than 2,200 Chinese adoptions. We have served more than 50 children through foster care and provided homes to 20 children with special needs. Since 2000, we also have been involved with “Every Child Deserves a Family” conferences that support orphanage directors and foster care workers. Our continuing goal is to help even more vulnerable children.


Interested in Adopting from China

Please see our China adoption information to meet children from China that are waiting to be adopted

These children need a family

Bethany has received 12 referrals who need to be placed in 90 days. These children need a loving family or they may spend the rest of their lives in an orphanage. Will you be that forever family for these children?

Find out more about international adoption. China has unique requirements and costs to consider as well.


Sponsor a child or a family in need:

Can you extend a hand in love to a child or family in need? Families and communities benefit in tangible ways from sponsorship. Through Bethany, your money provides direct and specific care based on the individual needs of a family. When you sponsor through Bethany, you will join a group of sponsoring individuals to provide the level of care that is needed.

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China facts:

Population: 1,336,718,015 (July 2011 est.)*

Capital city: Beijing

Official language: Standard Chinese or Mandarin *

Religion: Officially atheist. Known religious affiliations are Daoist (Taoist), Buddhist,
Christian (3-4%), Muslim (1-2%) *

Government: Communist state



  About China:

Located in eastern Asia, between North Korea and Vietnam, China touches the East China Sea, the Korea Bay, Yellow Sea, and South China Sea. Very diverse in its terrrain, China hosts deserts, plains, and many lush mountainous areas. The climate is equally diverse. At about the same size as the United States, China accomodates more than 4 times the number of people: 1,336,718,015 total estimated population in China, compared to 308,745,538 in the U.S.  (US census 2010)

Global children's fund:

Our Global Children’s Fund provides for children and families facing life or death situations because of extreme poverty and medical crisis. Together we can give hope for a future to these families.
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