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For more than 60 years, Bethany Global has been working with children, families and local partners to further the vision of a world where every child has a loving family. Bethany Global's strengths are intrinsically tied to its local programs. Our ability to respond to the global need is a direct result of the expertise we have developed domestically.

We offer training, program development, impact evaluation, and project management services to churches, faith-based organizations, and child welfare agencies around the world. 

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Needs Assessment / Situation Analysis

The goal of the on-site needs assessment is to produce the information needed to develop a functional, relevant, and appropriate program designed to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families.

Impact Evaluation

We have the experience, capacity and expertise to partner with both local and international NGOs to conduct an impact evaluation on current programs related to child or family-focused initiatives.

Program/Organization Consultation

We provide a wide range of consultation services to your organization or project. We have worked with a vast array of projects and programs all over the world partnering to improve services to vulnerable children and families.

Family Preservation & Strengthening Programs

Economic strengthening can play a critical role in providing a comprehensive response to the needs of vulnerable children. Bethany Global designed its family preservation programs with the ultimate goal to strengthen the capacity of families and communities. This ensures vulnerable children are able to access essential services, including safety, healthcare, education, and other basic needs through their own families. Bethany assists partners in designing and implementing programs that address the comprehensive needs of families to include general life skills, parenting skills, and vocational skills development supported through professional and consistent case-management.

Foster Care & Domestic Adoption Programs

Bethany uses the foster-to-adopt strategy when designing Domestic Foster Care and Adoption programs overseas. Permanency planning begins from the recruitment of families through training and matching, and up to the foster placement itself.

The foster-to-adopt strategy has multiple advantages:

The program increases the chances of children getting adopted by their foster families.

Studies indicate that in the United States, 54 percent of children adopted from the foster care system ended up being adopted by their foster parents (The AFCARS Report, 2009). Although the absolute numbers are comparably small, Bethany's Ethiopia program shows 78 percent of children being adopted by their foster families.

Bethany’s foster-to-adopt approach creates a bridge between a child’s initial need for temporary care and the long-term need for a permanent home.

This is achieved through carefully coordinated transitional and permanency planning services by professional case managers. Trained social workers provide long term monitoring and support services to ensure that children are protected from unsafe situations and disrupted placement. Social workers facilitate family sessions to achieve successful attachment and bonding between the children and their new families, and to help ensure the matching process is done in the best interest of the child and fosters the best possible outcome.

The foster-to-adopt approach allows the opportunity and time needed to cultivate a culture of adoption within the targeted communities.

A careful transition from fostering to adoption is especially critical in cultures where the concept of non-relative adoption is a novel phenomenon. The transitional services provided through this approach are as important for the families as they are for the children. Research shows low rates of disrupted adoptions when the parents have first fostered the child (Barth et al, 1998). Therefore, the approach not only increases the chances of children being in successful family-based care, but also increases the chances of a permanent placement. The program is designed to assist families to evolve into adoptive families through carefully designed transitional and permanency planning services.


Bethany has a decade’s long history of partnering with churches, NGOs and government to deinstitutionalize children.

Through a strength-based engagement of multiple community stakeholders and capacity strengthening, Bethany has achieved demonstrable transformation in the attitudes and behaviors of families and communities toward the use of institutions in caring for orphaned children.

Bethany works to develop comprehensive family-based alternatives (family reunification, foster care, kinship care, domestic adoption, micro-enterprise) to institutional care for children by transforming the orphanages to function as short-term emergency care centers for children and families in crisis. Over the years, we have demonstrated to government agencies at local and national levels what a successful crisis center is, as well as developed other critical layers of system protection including formalized foster care and domestic adoption.


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Whether your organization is in an emergency situation and needs help immediately or you are just looking to learn more about how Bethany can help improve your services, a free 1-hour consultation is the place to start!


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