Family Preservation

Keeping families together through hard times.

A loving, stable family is central to a child’s safety and well-being. Bethany Christian Services Global offers a range of community-based family support services. We work with in-country partners to minister in culturally appropriate ways. One of the main goals of Family Preservation Services is to counteract circumstances that result in broken families, keeping families together by helping them through hard times.

In some countries, services are provided through the school setting. Staff reach out to children, parents, relatives, and community members with the school as their link. This results in better educational experiences for the children and gives social workers access to the families in need.

Bethany partners also offer prenatal services in clinics, maternity hospitals, and homes. Pregnant women benefit from counseling, skills development, and financial assistance, all of which strengthen their ability to care for their children.

Bethany’s partners offer a myriad of family preservation services so children can grow up in a safe, loving family. With your help, families can grow stronger and meet the challenges that place them at risk.

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Joyful man values the support received by his familySupport to sustainability:

"I met a couple in Ethiopia who received
sponsorship support through Bethany,
enabling them to have enough food for their
grandchildren to eat.

Sponsorship was followed by a gift of two
sheep from Bethany’s Gift Catalog. Soon
two sheep turned into 16 sheep! This is now
a viable business for them, allowing them to
support themselves and their family.

They feel empowered to give their grandchildren
a hopeful future. It all began with sponsorship.”

– Bill Blacquiere
President, Bethany Christian Services



Family Preservation services:

  • Family assessment and ongoing support
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Short-term financial assistance
  • Crisis intervention
  • Training workshops for parents
  • Access to community-based support

Keep a family together.

Sponsorship provides a lifeline of hope and help to families around the world. Reach out to a vulnerable child and his or her family today. Your support offers food, clothing, medicine, and care for a child living in extreme poverty. Through your sponsorship, you can help keep a family together.

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