This pregnancy has changed your life and your decision will as well. For many women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy, abortion can seem like the only quick, confidential, and final solution. As with any life-changing decision, it is so important to give yourself some time to slow down, take a breath, and get information that can help you make a decision that you are sure of. An informed choice involves exploring all options, how each affects your whole being—physical, emotional, and spiritual—and looks at the present as well as the future.

As you think about abortion, consider these things:

• Before pregnancy became part of your situation, what were your thoughts and feelings about abortion?
• If you are feeling pressured or coerced by someone to do what they think is best for you, take a step back and talk with someone who will be supportive and on your side—helping you work through what you are thinking and feeling.
• Talk with someone who is trained to help those facing an unplanned pregnancy. You don’t need to figure this out alone.

We are here for you as you try to work through your options.

From Abortion to Adoption - Felicia's Story (Watch our entire conversation with Felicia).


Your options:

We want to help you make your best decision.

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No matter where you are at in making a decision for you and your baby, Bethany counselors are ready to talk with you. Its always confidential. Call 1.800.BETHANY (1.800.238.4269) or:

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What if I choose abortion?

Make sure you know all of the facts before you make this decision.  Please visit American Pregnancy Association for more information on abortion.

Why Choose Bethany?

Bethany believes that both you and your child are important. Our professional pregnancy counselors can help you consider all of your options and will be there to assist you as you determine what the best decision for you and your baby will be.

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