Considering abortion

For many women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy, abortion can seem like an easy solution – quick and confidential.  But, you have time to slow down, take a breath, and get information.  Before you make any decision about the outcome of your pregnancy, find out what your options really are and what each option can mean for you and your child, now and in the future.  You have the time to find out.

If abortion is your choice, you will want to ask your health provider about risks and side effects that you may experience.  Having that information can help you make an informed decision.

Emotional and psychological side effects are more common after an abortion than physical side effects. No one can predict what any one person will experience.  Some women report a sense of relief where others report grief and sadness.  Emotions after the fact can be related to an individual history of emotional, relational, or religious beliefs or experiences.  For some women, they report being surprised by how much an abortion affected them.

So, slow down and get the answers that you need before you make any decision.

We recommend that you:

Talk with trained professionals, your health care provider and a counselor who can answer your questions and talk with you about your circumstances and choices.

Avoid isolating yourself so that you don’t live with a secret or try to face this aloneStay connected to family and friends who can provide support to you.

Consider how you thought about abortion before you found yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy.  Having someone to talk to can really help you sort through your feelings.

Avoid anyone who is pressuring you or trying to coerce you to do what they think is best, not what you want to do.  The decision about your pregnancy is yours to make and you will have to live with that choice.

Find someone who has also gone through an unplanned pregnancy or through the options that you are considering.  Although your circumstances are different, it can help to hear about someone else’s experience and decision making.

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What if I choose abortion?

Make sure you know all of the facts before you make this decision.  Please visit American Pregnancy Association for more information on abortion.

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Bethany believes that both you and your child are important. Our professional pregnancy counselors can help you consider all of your options and will be there to assist you as you determine what the best decision for you and your baby will be.

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