Working together to make lives better.

Blessing communities around the world.

With your help, Bethany Christian Services Global (BCSG) and its partners make significant contributions to strengthening national social service systems in many countries.

The International division of Bethany works with government officials to draft national laws, regulations, judicial codes, standards of practice, and national standards for foster care, adoption, orphanages, and life skills services. This impacts the lives of many marginalized children and their families.

Bethany staff and partners often lead seminars for social workers and government officials in the social services sector.

We work with various nations to deliver social services to their citizens. Alongside our partners, we are multiplying the impact we can make by working together with governments to serve an even greater number of children and families.

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Through training and community development programs, Bethany serves community members.

Community members may include:

  • NGO staff working in child and
    family welfare
  • Child welfare specialists working
    for various government ministries
  • Judges and other members of legal
    and judicial systems
  • Orphanage and shelter directors
  • Local officials
  • Social work students
  • Church leaders
  • School teachers
  • Parents



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