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Reunifying Unaccompanied Children with Their Families

Bethany believes that every child deserves to be in a loving family. We have a heart for children, and we equip families to be the answer for children in need. One of the ways we do this is by assisting unaccompanied immigrant children to reunify with family and friends in the United States. Bethany staff accomplishes this by providing in-home social services for unaccompanied children in federal custody who have been identified as survivors of trafficking, fled community violence, have endured some type of abuse, or are being reunified with a caretaker.

How Does Bethany Help?

Bethany serves unaccompanied children by providing the support they need to successfully transition into their new lives here in the United States. We provide the following:

Home Study Services

  • Ensuring a safe and loving home and family for all children prior to a child’s release from federal custody
  • In-home care and safety planning to equip the family with the resources they need to care for their child.

Post-Release Services

  • Ongoing case management services and in-home support
  • Connections to legal, medical, and mental health community resources as well as community youth activities, parenting support services, and education services
  • Education on U.S. laws and rights
  • Mentoring services to recruit and match volunteers to assist children in their adjustment to their new home in the U.S.

How You Can Help

  • Volunteer to be a mentor (not offered in all locations)
  • Donate to our emergency assistance fund for families in need
  • Provide an in-kind donation to a family in need (gift cards, furniture, school supplies, personal hygiene items, and winter jackets are just a few of the needs)
  • Transportation to appointments, grocery store, church, etc.
  • Help Bethany staff connect families to vital resources to set them up for success. Bethany is always looking for:
    • Pro-bono immigrant legal services
    • Low cost after-school programming
    • Free recreational programs
    • Bi-lingual mental health and social support services

Learn More

To learn more about the Unaccompanied Children Family Reunification and post-release services program, contact your local branch.