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Annual Report: Keep in touch with our progress

Join us on the journey as we make progress bringing and keeping families together! By God’s grace, we strive every day to be the hands and feet of Jesus—working toward a world where every child, everywhere, has a loving family. Our Annual Report is a way to keep in touch as we persevere in our work.

An update from our leadership

William Blacquiere

Bill Blacquiere, President & CEO

As we’re counting down the months to the next Presidential election, we’ve heard numerous campaign promises to fix all of the country’s woes. Acknowledging voter frustration last spring, one candidate quipped, “You have a right to be angry … but anger is not a plan.”

How do we respond when more than one million pregnancies end in abortion each year; when 141 million children worldwide have lost one or both parents; when 402,000 children in the U.S. are in foster care; when 23,000 teens age out each year without family support?

In the face of such pain for innocent children, this overwhelming reality is worth our outrage and dismay. But that is not a plan. Bethany’s heart is for children, and we believe every child deserves a loving family—that’s where they thrive best. Bethany’s plan is to equip families to be the answer for children in need, whether it’s to help a biological family stay together, a foster family for a hurting child, or an adoptive family for a child in need.

Tom Despard

Tom Despard, Board Chair

Praise the Lord for another blessed year serving children and families worldwide. Much of what Bethany accomplished in 2015 resulted from a focus on both near-term planning and long-term strategy—and donors who supported us and encouraged us to do more.

The more I learn about our organization and engage its people, the more impressed I am by their love for and impact on others. We continue to counsel, advocate for, and lift up those who need a loving family.

Our stories tell it all. I met a trauma counselor who was the last best hope for an older adopted child. I listened to a couple who were working with 18 children in our Safe Families for Children™ ministry. And then there is the foster care program we started in Haiti and the contract we signed with South Africa to deliver social services in their country by their own people.

I’m grateful for Bethany’s wonderful people and the great work they do to equip families to be the answer for children in need!