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Operation Forever Family

Support Teens in Need of Permanent Homes in Michigan

Operation Forever Family is a Michigan-based initiative powered by recruiters and volunteers with a passion for finding permanent, loving homes for teens in foster care. "Been There, Done That" recruiters lead this effort as former foster youth who have lived the experience and aged out of the system. You can become a part of the Operation Forever Family program, too! Learn more here about ways you can support the efforts of O.F.F. 

Ways you Support Teens in Foster Care Through Operation Forever Family

You can be a part of Operation Forever Family by: 

  1. Volunteer Support - Whether you are a licensed foster parent or have never considered fostering, you can volunteer to provide support to a youth. You can be paired with a youth in foster care to provide them with support and a sense of normalcy. In this program, you will meet at least once a month with youth for encouragement and doing typical family fun things: going to church, grocery shopping, sporting events, etc. As a support family to an OFF youth, you also have the unique role of ensuring these youth have the opportunity to engage with families who may consider adoption. For the foster care youth, this might mean going to a high school football game, church event, or simply having dinner with friends. By being involved in their lives in this way, you show the youth that they are not alone.
  2. Adopt a Teen in Foster Care - You can provide the ultimate gift to a teen in foster care by adopting a youth before he/she ages out of the system. Bethany provides many programs to support you through this process. Ultimately, our goal is to find the best family to meet each child's needs. To adopt a child through foster care:
    • You can be single, married, or divorced.
    • You do not need to own a home.
    • You don't need to pay adoption fees - there is little to no cost to adopt a child from foster care. 
    • You don't need to be wealthy or even have a college education.

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Meet Some of the Teens


Jessica wants to become a chef when she gets older, and she should be a natural at it. Jessica is most happy cooking and baking. In addition to cooking, Jessica loves playing sports, especially volleyball and basketball. As one might expect, having dinner tops her list of favorite things to do on the weekend along with reading and going to the movies. If Jessica could have three wishes, she’d want to fly on a jet, play in the WNBA and, of course, open her own restaurant. Jessica is a very sweet and loving girl. Even though she comes across as shy when she first meets people, Jessica opens up once she’s comfortable. She is thoughtful, tuned into people’s moods and likes telling stories. 

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Jerome’s path in life rarely meanders off course. He’s a stickler for rules and can get upset when others fail to follow them. He’s a good student who takes a tenacious approach to his studies. “Jerome does excellent in school and is in advanced classes,” says his worker. He likes his day mapped out so he has structure. Jerome is “a wonderful kid” who’s honest and very intelligent. Jerome loves playing sports – especially basketball – and video games, which he enjoys playing on his PlayStation. When asked about some of his favorite things, Jerome cited nachos for food, dark blue for color and wolf for favorite animal. 

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Christena seems to love things that start with the letter “p.” For instance, her favorite colors are pink and purple. Her favorite foods include pasta and pizza. When she gets older, Christena wants to become a paramedic. She tends to mind her “p’s” as well as her “q’s,” too. One of her workers calls Christena a well-behaved girl who is caring and polite. Christena’s favorite activities include dancing and swimming. When she’s ready to relax, Christena enjoys listening to music and watching TV. 

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Genesis wants to be a chef when she gets older. Other activities that Genesis enjoys include swimming, singing, dancing, painting nails and cleaning. “She is caring and always eager to help and please,” says one of her workers. One of Genesis’s wishes is to have fun once she’s adopted, and with her future forever family, Genesis wants to build a tree house and go to France. Genesis wants people to know that she likes to do a lot of crafts and that she cares a lot about people. 

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Zhaquaries, who goes by Zack, enjoys trying new things and likes to have fun. Zack enjoys math and science and takes pride in his school performance. He enjoys being active and likes playing football and basketball. His favorite sports teams are the Seattle Seahawks and the Chicago Bulls. He also loves going to the YMCA, swimming and spending time outside. He enjoys playing video games and spending time on the computer. When he grows up, Zack would like to be a professional football player or a doctor. 

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Athletics take a prominent place in Christopher’s life. “He is very active and loves playing basketball and other sports,” says his worker. Not only does Chris, as Christopher prefers, enjoy playing basketball, but he also likes following his favorite professional team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Chris enjoys football and roots for the Seattle Seahawks. His interest in sports extends to his favorite thing to do on the weekend, which involves visiting the mall and shopping at Foot Locker. Chris also lists gym as his favorite subject in school. Chris not only wants others to know that he’s funny but also “smart” and “laid back.” 

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