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Our Work in China

Although a thriving country, China has tens of thousands of orphaned and abandoned children in need of a family and Bethany is working to help improve child welfare. Because adoption is not the answer for many of these children, Bethany’s global leadership has worked with Chinese officials to provide foster care and other family support programs in the country. Our efforts have resulted in positive, life-changing improvements for many of China’s most vulnerable children.

Bamboo Project

In China, there are hundreds of children living with Down syndrome who are without a loving and caring family.  Because of cultural norms and social stigmas, many will spend their entire life in institutionalized care. We are working to change that specifically through our Bamboo Project. 

Meet the Children

Children who are available for adoption range in age from 9 months through 13 years. They have either been living in orphanages or in foster care. Bethany receives referrals for children with a wide variety of medical and developmental needs that may require surgeries, therapies, and/or special support. Some of the children also have complex needs that require life-long care. Due to the greater need in these areas, families open to boys or children over the age of 5 may receive a referral more quickly than families requesting adoption of a girl or a child under age 5. In China, siblings are rarely available for adoption.

*Please note due to country restrictions and for the safety of the children, we are unable to post some photos on this page.

Meet the Children in Person on a Lotus Project Trip

Due to the CCCWA’s changing policies on orphanage visits, this trip is temporarily on hold. We ask the interested families still inquire in case future trips are planned.

Bethany Global is excited for our next Lotus Project trip! We are arranging a trip for volunteers to find adoptive families for Bethany’s waiting children. These are children whose files have already been prepared and approved for international adoption and who have not yet found an adoptive family. The intent of the visit is that participants will either adopt or passionately advocate for the child(ren) they meet. For more info, please contact

Adoption from China

The China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) has published changes to the eligibility guidelines for prospective adoptive parents in June 2017. For current eligibility requirements, please click on “Adoption Requirements and Fees” located in the left hand column on this page.

Since 1992, thousands of children from China have joined their forever families through Bethany’s international adoption program.

Much has changed in the landscape of China adoptions; currently more boys are available than girls, and the vast majority of children have special medical or developmental needs. However, one thing hasn’t changed: children need a loving family and a place to call home.

To see if you meet the country’s requirements, please complete the Preliminary Application. 

Adoption referrals come through a ‘shared list’ of children available for international adoption which is maintained by the CCCWA to which all China adoption agencies are given access. The CCCWA is China’s Central Authority and is responsible for the protection, safety, and welfare of China’s children.

What does it cost to adopt a child from another country?

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Bethany in China

Bamboo Project Request More Information

Learn about the adoption requirements for China including: age, marriage, income, and estimated length of stay when you travel.

Adoption Requirements and Fees

We are here for you throughout your entire adoption journey, and even long after your child comes home. Through our post-adoption services, we’ll give you and your adopted child the help and support you need.

Post-Adoption Support
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