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Our Work in Ethiopia

Bethany Global's office in the city of Addis Ababa partners with local organizations and churches in a variety of ways to serve orphans, vulnerable children, and families in need. Our family preservation and family strengthening programs help prevent parents from abandoning or relinquishing their children to institutional care. Our in-country foster care program is designed to help remove children from orphanages and place them with loving foster families, who may eventually adopt them. We are committed to providing a continuum of care for Ethiopia’s most vulnerable children.

 Download a report on Bethany's family preservation and child welfare work in Ethiopia.

Adoption from Ethiopia

Intake for the Bethany Ethiopia international adoption program is closed at this time.

Bethany's Statement on Ethiopia's International Adoption Ban

Bethany Christian Services believes that every child has the right to a loving family. Bethany Global, a subsidiary of Bethany Christian Services, has supported children and families in Ethiopia since 2007. With our long history of providing family-based care services, we’ve developed expertise and created groundbreaking programming. We have provided services across the continuum, including family preservation, in-country foster care (caring for children outside of their family of origin), and in-country adoption (Ethiopian children adopted by Ethiopian families). Yet, we have seen a continued need for children to be served through international adoption. Because of our dedicated work in this country, we are deeply saddened to hear of the closing of international adoption from Ethiopia. While we strongly support the Ethiopian government’s desire to strengthen its services to children through in-country adoption, foster care and family preservation, there are many older children and children with significant special placement needs that do not have local family placement options. These children could benefit greatly from international adoption.

While we remain hopeful in our continued work with Ethiopia, we are concerned that vulnerable children with no local placement options will remain in orphanage-based care or receive no support. Our mission is to ensure that every child has the chance to know the love of a forever family. While international adoption is no longer an option, Bethany will continue to support the government and families by helping strengthen Ethiopia’s in-country foster care, adoption and family preservation services.

To donate or to learn more about how you can support Bethany Global’s work with women and children in Ethiopia, visit this page.

For additional information, please see the US Department of State notice.

Meet the Children

The children who are eligible for adoption have been living in institutional care and range in age from 7 years and older. Boys, girls, and siblings (rare) may be adopted, but there is a greater need for families to adopt older boys. Parents may request the gender of the child. Many children in the Ethiopian Adoption program have identified special placement needs, HIV, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, or severe developmental disabilities that could require lifelong care.

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Bethany in Ethiopia

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Learn about the adoption requirements for Ethiopia including: age, marriage, income, and estimated length of stay when you travel.

Adoption Requirements and Fees

We are here for you throughout your entire adoption journey, and even long after your child comes home. Through our post-adoption services, we’ll give you and your adopted child the help and support you need.

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