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Our Work in South Korea

Bethany Global began in 1982 with the opening of our international adoption program in South Korea. In the years that followed, we partnered with Holt Children’s Services of Korea to offer not only international adoption services but a variety of vital, in-country, social services that support the most vulnerable children and families. Today, our focus is on continuing to provide loving, permanent homes for children who might otherwise spend a lifetime without knowing the love of a family.

Meet the Children

The children who are eligible for adoption are usually 6 months to 5 years old and have been residing in foster care at the time of referral. Most children have a variety of minor special placement needs. In South Korea, both boys and girls are eligible for adoption, however; more boys are waiting to be adopted. Older children and sibling groups are rare.

Adoption from South Korea

Bethany’s adoption program in South Korea is the agency’s longest continual international adoption program. Thousands of children have joined loving families in the United States through the program. We are blessed to have a trusted partner that shares our concern for the lifelong welfare of orphans and vulnerable children.

Since 1982, Bethany has partnered with Holt Children’s Services of Korea. In the past, we partnered with Holt not only to facilitate international adoptions but also to serve the children and families who remained in South Korea.

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Bethany in South Korea

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Adoption Requirements and Fees

We are here for you throughout your entire adoption journey, and even long after your child comes home. Through our post-adoption services, we’ll give you and your adopted child the help and support you need.

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