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How Children View Adoption at Different Ages

An adoptive family has children of different ages and learns how to parent these children.

Children view adoption differently depending on their age. Sometimes adopted children need help filling in emotional and psychological gaps. Learn how to talk to your adopted child at each stage of development.

Adoptive Family Stories

Adoptive families their their adoption stories.

Do you want an inside look into real adoptive families? These parents share the lessons they learned about adding a new child to their family. They're guaranteed to inspire and inform you.

Helping Children Adjust after Adoption

Adoptive parents and grandparents welcome a new adopted child home.

Are you worried about how your adopted child will adjust to the changes of your home? We offer concrete tips to ease the adjustment process for everyone in your family.

Post-Adoption Resources for All Adoption Challenges

Finding resources to help with adoption challenges and questions.

When should you seek professional help for your adoption challenges? We have your comprehensive collection of post-adoption resources to ensure you get the help you need - no matter what you're facing.

Creating a Lifebook for Your Adopted Child

An adoptive mom creates a lifebook or scrapbook for her adopted child.

Lifebooks are an irreplaceable gift to adopted children, providing them with a vital link to their history before they joined your family. Similar to a scrapbook, they often contain photographs or important documents and letters.

Thriving as a Multicultural Adoptive Family

An adoptive parent finds out how to help their multicultural family thrive.

When adoptive children know that their parents truly love them for who they are, including race, ethnicity, and culture, it creates an atmosphere of honesty and acceptance. This article shows adoptive parents how to incorporate diversity into their family.

Important Legal Resources for Adoption

A lawyer helps an adoptive parent take care of legal issues related to adoption.

Adoption is, at its core, a legally binding arrangement. There are lots of logistics you'll need to consider when you bring an adoptive child into your home. We offer resources on family leave, childcare, birth certifications, U.S. citizenship, tax credits, updating your will, and more. 

One Mom's Solution For the Post-Adoption Blues

An adoptive mom faces difficult emotions and depression after her adoption is finalized.

Are you experiencing depression after adopting a child? One adoptive mom explains her unique method for succeeding in motherhood. Her story might just be the inspiration you need.

Parenting Tips for Your Adoptive Family

An adoptive parent needs tips to parent her adopted child.

We offer straightforward tips for parenting anyone from a newborn to a teenager. Learn ways to use activities to deal with sensory issues or how to cope with the stressful holiday season. 

Tips for Talking About Adoption

Are you frustrated with insensitive adoption questions? This article explains how to avoid misunderstanding and potential hurt when talking about adoption with your family and friends.

Educational Challenges for Adopted Children

An adopted child in school receiving an education.

Adopted children often encounter unique educational challenges. We offer strategies to help your child experience safety in their new school environment, so they can successfully learn and develop new friendships.

The Importance of Respite Care

An adoptive parent is tired and in need of respite care.

Respite care provides the opportunity for adoptive parents to take time away from the pressures of parenting in order to recharge their batteries, allowing them to return to their family feeling refreshed and ready to continue the journey.

Facing Depression After Adoption

An adoptive mom deals with post-adoption depression.

Are you struggling with depression after your adoption is finalized? Parents usually don't expect to feel negative emotions. Learn what these are and why you're not alone.

When an Adoption Placement Fails

An adopted child faces a disruption with her adoptive family.

What happens when an adoption placement fails? A dad offers his story of one of the hardest issues he faced: adoption disruption. He gives three good lessons we can learn.

How to Handle Bullying at Your Adopted Child's School

An adopted child experiences teasing or bullying at school.

Is your adopted child being teased or bullied at school? A child development expert walks you through answers you can teach your child to respond to tough questions.