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Resources for Child Health

Attachment Therapy for Adopted Families

An adopted child struggles with attachment to his new parents.

Are you struggling to understand your adopted child? Children who have experienced trauma may need attachment therapy to build a secure emotional attachment.

Why Does My Child Wet the Bed?

An adopted child dealing with bedwetting.

If your adoptive child is struggling with bedwetting, you should learn the causes for this problem. We offer strategies to prevent bedwetting.

Managing Your Adopted Child's Medical Issues

An adopted child goes to the doctor.

Before you take your adopted child to the doctor for the first time, check out these helpful resources. Learn the potential development issues or disorders your child may have.

Simple Plans to Help Your Child Sleep Better

An adopted child who doesn't want to sleep.

Does your child have trouble sleeping independently? Does he or she claim, "I'm not tired!" even when it's time to go to bed? We offer short and long-term tricks to make bedtime easier and healthier.

Cerebral Palsy Resources for Parents

An adopted child with cerebral palsy.

This is a collection of helpful resources and suggestions for parents of a child with cerebral palsy. These tips will help you care for your child in the best way possible.

How to Comfort a Child who has been Sexually Abused

An adopted child who has experienced sexual abuse.

One of the hardest things to talk about with your adopted child is the trauma of sexual abuse. Learn practical suggestions for dealing with a suffering child, as well as how to comfort and support him or her.

Resources for Parents of Children with Asthma

An adopted child who struggles with asthma.

Does your adopted child have asthma? 24% of children adopted from foster care have been diagnosed with asthma. Here you'll find a comprehensive list of resources and information to help parents.

Effects of Complex Trauma on Children

An adopted child who has gone through complex trauma.

Learn about the 7 areas of child functioning that are affected by complex trauma. You'll find helpful resources for helping your adopted child cope with the resulting issues.

What to Do When Adopted Children Show Signs of Developmental Delays

An adopted child struggling with learning issues at school should have an individualized educational plan.

Do you suspect your adopted child is developmentally delayed? Learn about the free early intervention services in your state and request an evaluation.

Parenting a Child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

An adopted child with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Here you'll find resources for parenting an adopted child with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Discover how to find services and support.

Finding an Adoption-Competent Therapist

An adopted child talks to an adoption-competent therapist.

Finding an adoption-competent mental health provider can be challenging. Here's how to search for the right mental health provider or therapist for your adopted child

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting a Child with HIV/AIDS

Advocating for adopted children with HIV/AIDS

These are important questions to consider before adopting a child with HIV/AIDS. We offer answers and resources, and explain the importance of a support network.

Nurturing a Child with Mental or Emotional Health Problems

An adopted child's mental and emotional health.

Most adopted children live healthy lives, but sometimes early life circumstances cause issues. Learn how to help your adopted child through their mental and emotional health problems.

Two Adoptive Moms Fight for Better Nutritional Education

Nutritional food to feed your adopted child.

Two adoptive moms provide wisdom about how to deal with malnourishment in recently-adopted children. 

Post-Adoption Medical Exams for International Children

Adopted children running to maintain physical health.

If you adopted your child internationally, you should schedule a medical exam immediately. Here's your post-adoption health checklist.