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How to Navigate Relationships in the Adoption Triad (Birthparent, Adoptee and Adoptive Parents) 

Benefits of Birth Family Connections

An adoptive mom and dad meet with their child's birthmom.

Are you considering an open adoption? Learn how to build and nurture relationships between adoptive and birthparents. The combination will influence all that your child is and will become.

The 3 Types of Adoption

A birth mother, an adoptive mother and an adopted child share a moment in an open adoption.

Are you interested in open, closed, or mediated adoption? Discover the fundamental differences and how each type of adoption affects birthparents and adoptive parents.

5 Ways to Strengthen the Relationship between Adoptive Parents and Children

An adopted child connects with his adoptive mom.

As in any relationship, you have to intentionally foster connection with your adoptee. Articles in this section address ways to build connections with your adopted child, including how to navigate attachment issues, how to communicate in fun ways, and how to bridge the digital divide. 

Tips for Keeping Your Marriage Strong during Adoption

An adoptive mom and dad talk to a therapist about their marriage related to their adoption.

Are you experiencing stress and strain in your marriage after or during the adoption process? These tips will keep your marriage strong during this exciting time.

Adoption Search and Reunion

An adoptee starts the process of searching for her birthparent.

Making a decision to search for a birthparent or adopted child is highly personal and sensitive. It's a decision based on a number of factors that are different for everyone. This article explains how difficult the decision can be.