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Let us help you learn more about your birth relatives

Searching for birth relative information can be a process filled with questions and uncertainty. Bethany is available to assist you in understanding the emotional and procedural steps in this process. Please be aware that individual state or country law determines who may request information and at what age.  

Search and Reunion for International Adoptions

Bethany Global provides assistance to adult adoptees and adoptive families in completing searches for birth family, or for others significant to the adoptee, internationally.  Depending on the specific country, Bethany Global works with Bethany in-country staff or identified contacts in the adoptee's country of origin.  If Bethany Global does not provide the specific services the adoptee or adoptive family is requesting, a referral to other resources can be made.  

Search and Reunion for Domestic Adoptions

ADOPTION FILE INFORMATION - A report can be made available to you, summarizing information that does not identify specific individuals this may include medical information, educational background, family history, the nature of the birthparent relationships, and decision-making regarding the adoption.

SEARCH PROCESS - Work with a post-adoption specialist to discuss goals and potential outcomes in initiating a search for a birthfamily member. Bethany staff may also be able to take steps to provide you with identifying information about a birthfamily member.

BIRTH RELATIVE CONTACT - If contact is mutually desired by both parties a post-adoption specialist will help you prepare for this connection. Following contact we are also available to discuss the outcome and experience of the meeting.