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More Love Than I Could Ever Imagine

Dec 14, 2012

Guest post by Nicole Prince, adopted as an infant along with her twin sister, Christina, from South Korea. Remember the tradition of bringing a treat to school on your birthday? Those days were the best days for me since, to an elementary schooler, candy is the equivalent of a vacation day in the …

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The Internet and Adoption

Dec 13, 2012

International Project Coordinator, Dennis Feaster, explains the changing ways in which families obtain information on adoption:I have noticed that the Internet plays an increasingly important role in information seeking by prospective adoptive parents. Families seem to be doing a lot more ‘leg work’ …

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Characteristics of Families Who Successfully Adopted Older Children

Dec 10, 2012

1. A tolerance for one's own ambivalence and/or strong negative feelings.Successful adopters manage not to judge themselves too harshly for experiencing negative feelings toward the child.  They accept the inevitability of such feelings given the child's pathology.  With this, comes an …

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Not Flesh of My Flesh, but Heart of My Heart

Dec 03, 2012

Guest post by adoptee and abortion survivor, Claire Culwell.Ever since I was little, I have known that having a family is a gift. You see, my sister, Rachel, and I are adopted. I don’t remember finding out I was adopted since my parents told us when we were very young. But we always knew our …

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