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Friends... and Family

Dec 15, 2015

Little Mekdi smiled at everyone in her Ethiopian orphanage. Bed-ridden due to severe cerebral palsy, Mekdi suffered from extreme malnutrition, yet she was full of warmth and joy. Eden, an older girl in the orphanage, often stopped by to care for her and spend time with her. Together, the girls …

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A Place They Can Call Home

Dec 08, 2015

On their first date, Emily informed Drew that if there was to be a second date, adoption was something he would need to accept. Ten years later, the couple is married with three young boys they adopted through foster care. “Most people meet their child in the arms of a doctor or through social …

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5 Tips to Enjoy the Holidays (with fewer meltdowns!)

Dec 02, 2015

by Molly Buist, Owner and Clinical Director of The Center for Childhood Development The holiday season is especially difficult for children who have sensory processing challenges—there are oversized decorations, crowded malls, nonstop music, social interactions, and don’t even mention the food. …

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Wait for the Lord

Dec 01, 2015

by Kallie, adoptive mother As my husband, David, and I prepared to marry in 2007, we discussed building our future family. We decided we would commit our family size to the Lord and pursue adoption when our days of bearing biological children were done. Yet, after three and a half years, this was …

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