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Giving Back to Foster Care

Mar 23, 2015

“Living in foster care can be a traumatic experience, one in which walking a mile in the shoes of those living through it, isn’t so easy—it’s critical that these children don’t give up hope.  For that reason, an effective line of communication must remain open to these children and who better to …

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Surviving Motherhood

Mar 10, 2015

...Without a Cape There’s no shortage of advice for how to be a better mom. Books, magazines, and seminars are devoted to this topic as are whole social media platforms (Pinterest, anyone?). If we daily did everything “good mothers” are supposed to do—as much and as often as the experts say—we …

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Hope and Help after Adoption

Mar 06, 2015

Today’s guest post is contributed by Tina Caudill. Tina is the founder of Adoption Identity Movement of Michigan. She is the MI Representative for the American Adoption Congress and member of Concerned United Birthparents. Since 2002, she has shared her passion and expertise at Bethany Christian …

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