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More than Selling Purses

Jul 26, 2016

Sandi Falloon may seem like a typical stay-at-home mom. Then she heard about Initials, Inc., iCare Foundation and thought, “now this is what I’ve been waiting for.” For every Your Best Life (YBL) case sold, 25 percent goes to support Bethany Christian Services’ foster care programs. Sandi joined Initials, Inc., as a creative partner and sold the most YBL cases her first year.

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Don't Let a Foster Kid become Another Statistic

Jul 12, 2016

It’s almost halfway through summer and school is just around the corner (if you can wrap your mind around that)! Soon, ads will be popping up everywhere competing for the best deals on uniforms and school supplies. Teachers will be sending out reading lists, and kids will become more excited to go …

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“Family Means…Someone Who Doesn’t Beat Me”

Jul 05, 2016

Although they weren’t considering adoption at the time, when Derrick Meyer saw the video, he immediately told his wife, Heidi, that she needed to see what he was seeing. When Cody was asked in the video what “family” meant to him, he replied, “…someone who doesn’t beat me.”

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