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7 Steps to Keep Your Foster Child Safe Online

Aug 23, 2016

by Chante Hensley, MSW, Assistant Branch Director, BCS of East Tennessee When my husband, Matt, and I became foster parents, one of our first placements was a 16-year-old girl with a smartphone and access to the internet. We soon realized she needed specific guidance to know what was (and was not) …

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6 Strategies for Securing Support

Aug 16, 2016

As you consider foster parenting, or anticipate your first placement, you may be envisioning what the experience will be like. You may be thinking ahead to what steps you can take now to prepare. Foster care social workers agree: high on your list should be planning ahead for what kind of support …

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6 Tips for Back-to-School

Aug 08, 2016

by Rhonda Fitzsimmons and Sara Blomeling DeRoo Every August, parents share their children’s feelings of excitement and anxiety when they hear the phrase “back to school.” For the adults, our focus is the preparation. We tell ourselves we will organize their closets, sharpen their extra pencils, …

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Reframing Your Student's Success

Aug 02, 2016

Parents who are fostering or have adopted a teen from foster care want their children to do well in school and be successful. In light of the rather grim statistics, let's talk about what we mean by "success" in education.

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