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In the Midst of a Meltdown – part 1 of 2

Feb 24, 2017

by Katie Hickok-Mannebach, Foster Care Supervisor, Bethany Christian Services of Michigan, Grand Rapids When a child in your care has been triggered and is entering a meltdown, your most effective response will be to remain calm. If you can’t keep calm yourself, you won’t keep the situation calm. …

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Validating and De-escalating Big Emotions

Feb 17, 2017

by Julie McGowan, LMSW, Family Counseling Supervisor and Therapist, Bethany Christian Services of Michigan, Holland As a family counselor, I see parent-child interactions that are very intuitive and natural, yet fail to de-escalate a child with big emotions: Child: “You love Dad more than me.” …

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Trauma-Informed Foster Parenting

Feb 10, 2017

y Starr Allen-Pettway, LMSW, Branch Director, Bethany Christian Services Of Michigan, Madison Heights  Trauma training gives foster parents tools to both understand what trauma looks like from a child’s perspective and also manage trauma that may be present in a child placed in their care. Trauma- …

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