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More Than They Asked or Imagined—N.O.W.—Meet the Travises

Jul 28, 2014

Andy and Lisa lived in New Jersey and had a thriving family with three children. Through their ministry and outreach as children’s pastors at their local church, however, they knew their family was not yet complete and decided to grow their family through domestic adoption. They began their journey …

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Bringing Families Together through Adoption

Jul 21, 2014

Florence and John never would have dreamed that a beautiful new family would come out of such a tragedy.In 2004, when fire swept through Flo and John's home they lost everything. After this devastating loss, the couple was overwhelmed by the support of friends and neighbors who helped put them back …

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Shaking off Shame in Pursuit of Success

Jul 16, 2014

Bethany’s Youth Services assists teens who age out of the foster care system and must transition to living independently, many of them after suffering trauma, despair, and shame. Leveder (pronounced Laveda) is one example of a young adult who has allowed Bethany resources—and others available to …

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Robert Has a Family—and a Future

May 21, 2014

Father’s Day is a reminder of the importance of a loving and supportive family in a child’s life, no matter the age.Robert’s schedule is like that of most teens. Morning comes early, and he’d rather sleep in; but his mom and dad urge him to hustle, and he makes it to school. He meets up with …

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From Dreams to Reality: Pure and Faultless Religion

May 05, 2014

Today’s guest blog is contributed by Allay Offutt. “Laya” is a 19-year-old student who just completed her second year of college. She is majoring in Social Work and dreams of working alongside her mom at Bethany Christian Services upon graduation. Since the age of 14, I’ve been accompanying my mom …

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Love: The Most Special Need a Child Has

Mar 06, 2014

When LeToshia and Arthur learned they were unable to have children naturally, it was a significant disappointment. But they wanted children, and soon they were drawn to Bethany’s Christian-based mission and services for those seeking to adopt.After attending Bethany classes for Foster Care Adoption, …

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Foster Care and Safe Families for Children

Oct 16, 2013

Every day, children and teenagers are removed from their birthfamilies for various reasons such as: neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Foster care is most often the best and necessary option for them as the legal system evaluates the parents’ abilities to care for their children. The goal, however, …

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Pieces of Me - a poem by Ashley

Nov 09, 2012

by Ashley, 16 year old in foster careI don’t know what you’ll think of meBut you can have what’s left insideI don’t know what you’ll findBut I’ll take a wild guessA broken girl, a broken homeA heart full of regretsA bandaged soul, a darkened holeA mind that no one getsA conscience full of memoriesI’ …

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