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International Adoption FAQs

Aug 19, 2013

 We are currently providing international adoption services in 12 countries around the globe ranging from Colombia, to Ethiopia, to China. We provide support for parents throughout the entire adoption process starting with preliminary applications all the way through to post-adoption counseling.   …

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Lots of Bulgogi and Injera

Mar 18, 2013

Recently we asked several families to share how they celebrate the cultural heritage of their internationally adopted children.  Their answers are as diverse as the cultures into which their children were born. “Aside from eating lots of bulgogi all the time? Enjoying each child’s favorite ethnic …

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My Father Sold Me

Jan 09, 2013

January 11 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and if you’re like most people, you will hear the statistics—for example, two million children exploited annually by the global sex trade[1]—and be horrified. And on January 12, the impact of that alarming fact will begin to fade. That’s just the way …

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