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5 Tips to Enjoy the Holidays (with fewer meltdowns!)

Dec 02, 2015

by Molly Buist, Owner and Clinical Director of The Center for Childhood Development The holiday season is especially difficult for children who have sensory processing challenges—there are oversized decorations, crowded malls, nonstop music, social interactions, and don’t even mention the food. …

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Every Child Podcast with Jennifer Winkelmann

Nov 30, 2015

Although adoptive families complete many hours of required education and training, Jennifer Winkelmann has noticed a trend among those adopting a child who has experienced trauma. “So many families I work with don’t feel equipped to parent the child in their care,” she said.  Winkelmann, a family …

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Every Child Podcast with Deborah Gray

Nov 09, 2015

In Bethany’s pre-adoption training, parents hear a lot about attachment—what it is and why it’s important for you and your child. It takes time and consistency to build an open, trusting relationship, especially with children who have experienced profound loss and trauma. Deborah Gray, founder of …

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Every Child Podcast with Dr. Curt Thompson

Apr 02, 2015

Every Child is a podcast from Bethany examining a variety of topics and issues relative to vulnerable children. From adoption and foster care to the introduction of sustainable social services in developing countries, Every Child features an informative discussion, led by Bethany’s President/CEO …

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Surviving Motherhood

Mar 10, 2015

...Without a Cape There’s no shortage of advice for how to be a better mom. Books, magazines, and seminars are devoted to this topic as are whole social media platforms (Pinterest, anyone?). If we daily did everything “good mothers” are supposed to do—as much and as often as the experts say—we …

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Hope and Help after Adoption

Mar 06, 2015

Today’s guest post is contributed by Tina Caudill. Tina is the founder of Adoption Identity Movement of Michigan. She is the MI Representative for the American Adoption Congress and member of Concerned United Birthparents. Since 2002, she has shared her passion and expertise at Bethany Christian …

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A Family's Unfolding Love Story

Jan 19, 2015

Hanna and Chazz were living in an orphanage in China. Both had special needs. Chazz had an ear problem, and Hanna had a congenital heart defect. Growing up as orphans, they had no parents to provide for them or seek medical attention for their disabilities. No one to love them, believe in them, or …

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Help With My Unplanned Pregnancy

Jan 05, 2015

Today’s guest blog is contributed by Natasha Mueller, a birthmother who celebrates the sweet life her son has—the life she always imagined and gave him through an open adoption plan. Natasha works at Bethany as a job developer with Refugee Employment Services. The pregnancy test confirmed it: I …

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Are You Too Old to Adopt?

Dec 08, 2014

Today guest blogger, Dirk Bakhuyzen, shares his story to challenge the church in caring for "the least of these"—children wih special placement needs. Dirk is a These 400 orphan care advocate and adoptive father.  When my wife, Phyllis, and I adopted our first child, our reason for adopting wasn’t …

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A Beautiful Puzzle

Jun 23, 2014

Every marriage faces challenges, from paying the bills to getting along with the in-laws to deciding who’s going to cook dinner tonight. So why would a couple voluntarily take on the enormous extra challenge of adopting nine children? For Mike and Sharon Dennehy, a sermon at church planted the …

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