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How to Have Fun at the Annual Family Reunion

Jun 18, 2013

Imagine as newly adoptive parents, you receive an invitation to an annual family reunion where extended family members from around the country will gather in a park setting to eat, play and reconnect.  Are you excited, dreading it or feeling a combination of both emotions? Often this type of …

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Letting Go

May 06, 2013

As we celebrate Birthmother’s Day on May 11, we would like to honor all of the birthmothers who made the courageous decision to give life for their unborn child. Often, we think that holding on is what makes us strong. Sometimes, the greatest act of strength is letting go. When 17-year-old Taylor …

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Characteristics of Families Who Successfully Adopted Older Children

Dec 10, 2012

1. A tolerance for one's own ambivalence and/or strong negative feelings.Successful adopters manage not to judge themselves too harshly for experiencing negative feelings toward the child.  They accept the inevitability of such feelings given the child's pathology.  With this, comes an …

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