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Wait for the Lord

Dec 01, 2015

by Kallie, adoptive mother As my husband, David, and I prepared to marry in 2007, we discussed building our future family. We decided we would commit our family size to the Lord and pursue adoption when our days of bearing biological children were done. Yet, after three and a half years, this was …

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6 Ways You can Help End the Orphan Crisis

Nov 17, 2015

Every year, children around the world are exposed to poverty, disease, war, and violence, and approximately 144 million are considered orphans. Many have only known life in an orphanage with a series of caregivers. While orphanages can provide emergency food and shelter, they cannot provide the …

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1000 Tiny Miracles

Nov 10, 2015

by Jaime, adoptive parent If I've learned anything in this life, it's don't tell God your plans. His ways are much better. My husband, Nate, and I felt led to love and care for an orphaned child with special needs—a child waiting for one family to love them just the way God created them. On …

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Connecting Hearts and Changing Lives

Oct 14, 2015

Each year in November, we mark National Adoption Month by celebrating families who have opened their hearts and homes to children in need and also by increasing awareness for the world’s estimated 144 million orphans. Families are especially critical for older children, sibling groups, and children …

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Asking Good Questions

Feb 18, 2015

Something clicked for Patty when she began reading Helen Lee’s The Missional Mom. The book inspired Patty to live a life of action that would model to her daughters what it means to put God first. Then she read Jen Hatmaker’s book 7: An Experimental Mutiny against Excess. Patty was inspired to …

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Family Bond

Nov 03, 2014

Contributed by Dr. Rhonda Littleton, who serves as Minister of Children for First Baptist Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina, and leads A Home for Me foster/adoption ministry. Over the past ten years a wonderful movement called "the orphan care movement" has spread across this nation and …

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What is Safe Families for Children? A Loving Sanctuary

Oct 22, 2014

Contributed by Janet Cockrum, PHd, a Safe Families for ChildrenTM coordinator in partnership with Bethany Christian Services Abby* and her siblings were shown amazing love and compassion over a two month period and made a lot of new friends. "We like all your friends! We can't decide who we like …

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Change for Change: What One Boy Could Do

Sep 29, 2014

Luke is ten years old. He has two adopted sisters, Darvi and Jemila, and a brother, Caleb. His sisters were adopted from Ethiopia, and all four children have also become friends with other adopted Ethiopian children in their area. Sometimes they talk about what life would look like had they been …

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In Support of the Family—Around the World

Sep 03, 2014

As Bethany works diligently to assist families across the globe through our One Family sponsorship program, successes in China, Ethiopia, and Guatemala have encouraged us to expand programming in Ghana, South Africa, and Haiti. Success stories In China in 2008, Bethany started a government- …

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