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Jun 26, 2014

Last week, we examined practical suggestions to help the church love families facing unexpected or teenage pregnancies with resources supporting adoption as an honorable option.

At Bethany, we want to help the church know that they can support women facing unexpected or teenage pregnancy, and how they can celebrate adoption for those who make that difficult decision.

For our purposes we are using the acronym, G. R. A. C. E. which stands for:

G - Generational Impact

R - Relationships

A - Awareness and Acceptance

C - Connections and Celebration

E - Education and Empowerment

Today, we are talking about G and R - Generational Impact and Relationships

At the recent Christian Alliance for Orphans Conference, we heard from Sarah (a new birthmother who made an adoption plan for her baby in January 2014) who talked about how her pastor handled the news of her unplanned pregnancy.

Her pastor connected Sarah with the shepherding care of four women in the church (ages 30 to 80—two of whom were adoptive moms) who met weekly with her and prayed and connected with her during her pregnancy journey. This was a tremendous comfort and support to Sarah as she created an adoption plan.

She said at CAFO, "I won't say that I wouldn't have made an adoption plan if I hadn't had the support of these wonderful women beside me, but their presence made all the difference in how I was able to handle the stress of my pregnancy and adoption plan." This was a tremendous example of how the church can practically and spiritually come alongside a woman facing unplanned pregnancy.

The church should encourage individuals to build relationships with youth before there is a crisis, and be willing to mentor teenage mothers and women facing unexpected pregnancy.

Volunteer at the youth group events. Get to know the high school kids in your neighborhood. Be the number in their cell phones they can text when there is a crisis, and let them know it is safe to call you for support.

If you have a heart for young people, women and children, there is a way for you to love women through these difficult choices—whether they are birthmoms, adoptive moms, or just young women with questions and concerns about upcoming choices. Take the time to come alongside and be willing to mentor someone in your church community—your voice, your wisdom, and your support can make a huge difference in the life of a fam