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Nov 26, 2012

As we finish our Thanksgiving leftovers and reach for the boxes of tree trimmings, the question hanging in the air for all of us is: How can this Christmas be different?

Of course we all love the festivities and merriment, but sometimes in the blur of activity, the holidays slip by and we’ve missed the wonder. We’ve missed the joy of giving. We’ve somehow missed the miracle.

So, how can this Christmas be different? How can we truly participate in the spirit of the season?

This year, consider an entirely new way of giving.

Imagine the look on your kids’ faces when they send a chicken to Ethiopia or provide fresh water for an entire family in Guatemala. Imagine knowing your gift helped rescue a child from slavery in Ghana or provided an education for a promising teenager in Haiti. 

Gifts like these will not only change your Christmas, but they will change the life of someone in need.  Just ask Don David.

A bright-eyed young man from Haiti, Don David would tell you how one gift transformed his entire life. Because the cost of secondary education in Haiti was prohibitive for Don David’s family, poverty had a chokehold on his future. That is, until a Bethany donor stepped up and stepped in. One gift has put Don David’s life on a new trajectory—one filled with hope and possibility. Don David dreamed of becoming a civil engineer someday, and thanks to the power of giving, that dream is becoming a reality.

This Christmas can be different for you and your family. Through the Bethany online gift catalog, you can give a gift of real meaning. In fact, in less than 30 seconds you can change a life.

Your gift can provide food for an entire family or help a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. Your gift can feed a baby or purchase a goat. For as little as $20, you can give a gift that impacts someone’s life at the most essential level.

Through our catalog you can also purchase gift cards for friends or family members and bless them with the opportunity to give to others. Create a ripple effect of love, hope, and joy.

Gather your family around the computer today and enjoy the great fulfillment of changing lives this holiday season. This Christmas can be different . . . for you and for those blessed by your giving. Check out the online gift catalog——and make this year the start of a new Christmas tradition in your home.