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Sep 03, 2014

As Bethany works diligently to assist families across the globe through our One Family sponsorship program, successes in China, Ethiopia, and Guatemala have encouraged us to expand programming in Ghana, South Africa, and Haiti.

Success stories

In China in 2008, Bethany started a government-approved foster care program at the Luohe City Orphanage, which cares for approximately 150 children who have physical and psychological disabilities. The One Family program provides a child with a family of their own until permanency, preferably in an adoptive home, can be achieved. Those foster families in turn are supported with access to resources to meet the needs of those children, who might otherwise never know the nurture and love from a family of their own. Now we have approval from the government to expand this programming into other provinces in China, and sponsors will be needed in the coming months for new families—soon to be featured on Bethany’s One Family website. 

In Ethiopia, a young man named Bekele lived with his grandmother, who in her advanced age was unable to support her large family. For Bekele—and his sister—to stay in school, they needed help. The One Family program assisted with basic needs and resources so the family would not only stay together but for Bekele to be able to keep up with his schooling. Today Bekele, now a college graduate, is also graduating from the One Family program. This program, which made such a difference in Bekele’s life, needs continued sponsorship to make more stories like Bekele’s possible.

In Guatemala, Dona Louisa and the three granddaughters in her care needed an opportunity to step toward financial independence. All three girls also needed to stay in school, but Louisa only had enough resources to send one. The One Family sponsorship program made it possible for the girls to all attend school and for the family to start their own store as a means of income. Staff from the program mentored them in business, gave their small store a facelift, and purchased a freezer. Louisa and her family are the first graduates of the One Family program in Guatemala. We are thrilled to have made a difference in the well-being of this family, helping them to thrive and become independent. Sponsors to continue this good work for others as well is an ongoing need.

As we grow

In Haiti, a country with poverty and devastation that is difficult to even grasp without visiting there, our first five families are now featured on Bethany’s One Family website. Our goal is to help them lift out of the poverty and crime of the tent cities that remain after the devastating earthquake that destroyed so many homes and livelihoods. They have some support, but they need more. They will be featured this month on Bethany’s Facebook page.

In Ghana and South Africa, our new One Family programming is also now “live.” Stay tuned for family features in October on Bethany’s website and Facebook page.

If you feel called to sponsor a family, please call 1.888.242.8332, email or visit Bethany One Family.

Listen to Bethany Christian Services’ Every Child podcast for more on issues relative to vulnerable children. From adoption and foster care to the introduction of sustainable social services in developing countries, Every Child features an informative discussion, led by Bethany’s president/CEO Bill Blacquiere, with leading voices from ministries and nonprofit organizations, as well as Christian authors and artists.

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