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May 19, 2017

That’s not quite right.

Meet Helen.

Sometimes I ask myself why I am doing this, especially at the age of 76. But these children need somebody. It’s important for children to have the stability of staying somewhere safe and feeling like someone cares about them, like they belong.

I know that feeling. I was in foster care from the age of about 6 or 7, and I was there until I aged out. When you’re in foster care, you do feel different. You feel like other people are with their parents, and you’re not with yours. The last home I was in was more stable. I felt like they were loving parents that really cared about me. They had several foster kids, and they treated us like family. I think that’s important.

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Yes, I wondered if I was too old, if I’d be able to work with children in foster care, especially if they had more significant needs. But working with my own grandchildren gave me confidence that I could do it. I talked to a neighbor who was doing foster care, and my daughter and grandson encouraged me to do it too. I watch my grandson during the week, and he kept asking me, “When are those kids coming?”

I did some research, and that is how I found Bethany. I went to foster care training, and that was extremely helpful. I knew that if I had any problems, I could call my Bethany foster care specialist. The kids have their moments sometimes, naturally they want to be with their parents, so that’s to be expected. When days are rough, I ask God for help. I trust and rely on Him. Other days, seeing the kids happy and full of promise, that’s rewarding.

There are a lot of children out there that need somebody. If you like children, and you know how to treat children, I would say do it. You might be happy that you did.

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