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Apr 10, 2013

One of the things that distinguishes Bethany from other agencies is our commitment to placing children with special placement needs in loving adoptive homes. We believe all children are precious to God. Those with special needs are the most vulnerable—they can be forgotten, devalued, and abandoned to state-run orphanages in many places. Whenever I’m asked why we are so successful in finding caring, nurturing homes for these children, I have a ready answer: We are blessed with a lot of help.

That help comes from partners like Howard Miller. Bethany has enjoyed the blessings of a wonderful partnership with this innovative company based in Zeeland, Michigan, known worldwide for its exquisite craftsmanship displayed in their clocks and other home furnishings. Howard Miller has generously supported the Caring Connection Fund which helps provide financial assistance to families adopting children with special placement needs, and provides families and their children with support after the adoption is finalized. While all adoptions involve a financial commitment from adoptive parents, the cost of adopting a child with special needs is prohibitive to many families. And through post-adoption services, children who need help to overcome past trauma and emotional scars will receive the critical assistance they need.

Thanks to partners such as Howard Miller, Bethany was able to find adoptive families for 787 children with special placement needs in 2012. Children like Joey, a precious child living in an orphanage in Russia. Joey was born with cerebral palsy, but now enjoys the love and care of his own forever family. Or Anna, a lovely little girl we placed in a family here in the United States. Born in China, Anna has Down syndrome and was abandoned as an infant. What a joy it was to assist the family who rescued her from an orphanage and welcomed her into their home.

Currently, more than 500 children are waiting for us to find families for them. Thanks to partners like Howard Miller I’m confident that soon every one of those children will be able to join their forever family. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of so many vulnerable children.