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Bringing Children and Families Together

Right now around the world, there are hundreds of children living with Down syndrome who are without a loving and caring family. Often stigmatized and deemed “unadoptable” because of their extra chromosome, children with Down syndrome have few options, and many will spend their entire life in institutional care. But Bethany is working to change that.

About the Project

The Bamboo Project, unique to Bethany Christian Services, began in the summer of 2013 when we received 14 files of children with Down syndrome living in China. Within the first two years, 10 of the original Bamboo children were matched with Bethany families, and in 2017, we celebrated our 30th match! Today, the Bamboo Project is a unique and focused effort to find families for children with Down syndrome across all our country programs.

Since the project’s inception, Bethany has advocated for more than 80 specific children, and new child files are received regularly. The resources available to families have also expanded to include a strong mentoring and support network. While the project has experienced incredible success, there are many children still waiting for their own loving family.

If you’ve been considering adoption and would like to explore adopting a child with Down syndrome, our experienced team would love to speak with you! If you’d like to be involved in the Bamboo Project, but aren’t sure if you are ready to make the commitment to adoption, we are always seeking advocates and financial supporters. For more information on the Bamboo Project, please contact our Global team at

Meet the Children

The following profiles represent a few of the children who are part of the Bamboo Project and are currently waiting for families.


Cooper is closest to his teachers in the activity room. He currently uses facial expressions to communicate with others. His care givers are working on his gross motor skills with him as he currently can sit with support. He reacts to outside stimuli and follows and can find the source of sound. He watches others in the orphanage and can eat softer foods. He really enjoys noodles, egg custard, and fruit puree. He very much enjoys physical touch and being held by his care givers. He giggles when he is gently tickled.


Erica is very curious and loves to experiment with things. She is very friendly and likes to have her photo taken.  Erica LOVES music and dancing and has a lot of energy!!  She is the ringleader in her group of friends and responds well to consistent and positive discipline.  Erica will thrive in a family able to provide her with the support, nurturing, and love she needs to reach her full potential.


Kasey's caregivers share "He is the most precious little boy. He is able to walk, run, dance, and sing the Barney song 'I love you, you love me'. He enjoys helping around the care home by putting dishes in the sink. He ca eat on his own, greet those who enter, and he knows some words and will easily greet someone who enters saying 'hello hello'."

To view more profiles, please click HERE. If you are interested in learning more about adoption of one of these precious children, we invite you to submit a free preliminary application or contact

Financial Resources

Our Global Team is committed to walking beside adoptive families and recognize that the cost of the adoption of a child with special placement needs can be a barrier. We have made every effort to identify and secure special grants exclusively available to families pursuing a child who is part of the Bamboo Project. Families are eligible for Caring Connection grants. We also provide external grant opportunities and we are constantly seeking additional opportunities to secure financial support for adoptive families.

Bamboo Cousins Support and Mentor Group

Through our many years of experience, we have learned that social support plays an important role in the success of each adoption, which is why family-to-family mentoring and emotional support are key components of the Bamboo Project. Bamboo families are connected through a Facebook page run by an experienced adoptive mom of a child from China with Down syndrome and who has established very strong relationships with other families through the page.

Our Bamboo families, who have dubbed their group the “Bamboo Cousins”, hold annual reunions in cities around the nation that grow in numbers each year. The group’s amazing weekends involve water parks and playing at a nearby Gigi’s Playhouse, a Down syndrome achievement center.  These families are passionate about their children and committed to helping find families for children who are still waiting. They are eager to share their experiences and to support adoptive families both before and after their child is home and no matter the country program they are adopting through.