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Refugees from the Middle East: How You Can Help

The stories and images of refugees fleeing war and violence in the Middle East are heartbreaking. Millions have been forced to leave their homes and the life they once knew. Bethany Christian Services in West Michigan is positioned to respond to the people affected by this crisis by providing resettlement, employment assistant, medical help, and more.

You and your church family can help! Below you will find concrete ways you can help families whose lives have been torn apart by war and violence.

Looking for information about the U.S. refugee crisis? 

How You Can Help Refugees NOW

Give Today!

Help more refugees find a safe home in West Michigan. You'll make it possible to offer even more support for refugee families through:

  • Assistance with resettlement in West Michigan.
  • Assistance with complex medical needs and severe emotional trauma.
  • Assistance to help them gain independence.
  • Refugee Adult & Family Programs

Co-Sponsor or Volunteer

Assist a newly arriving refugee family as they are resettled in West Michigan.

  • Volunteer as a group or individual
  • Donate gently used or new household items to help furnish apartments for newly arriving refugees.
  • Have your church or community group co-sponsor a refugee family

Become a Refugee Foster Parent

During situations like these, families are often split apart between the time they leave home until they arrive at a refugee camp. When this happens, reunification becomes difficult and children are considered orphans and are referred to us for resettlement in the U.S.

Contact Bethany’s Refugee Foster Care program, call (616) 224-7540, or find out more at one of our orientation meetings.

Thank you for your concern, interest, help, and support in assisting refugees!