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Our Work in China

Bethany Global has many partners in the People's Republic of China to help improve child welfare. Although a thriving country, China has tens of thousands orphaned and abandoned in need of a family. Because adoption is not the answer for many of these children, Bethany’s global leadership has worked with Chinese officials to provide foster care and other family support programs in the country. Our efforts have resulted in positive, life-changing improvements for many of China’s most vulnerable children.

Meet the Children

Children who are available for adoption, range in age from 9 months to 14 years. They have either been living in orphanages or in foster care. Bethany receives referrals for: those without identified special placement needs; those with minor, correctable special needs; and those with profound special placement needs. The child’s gender may be requested, but if a girl is desired, then the length of the process may be increased. In China, siblings are rarely available for adoption.

*Please note due to country restrictions and for the safety of the children, we are unable to post some photos on this page.

Child Protection and Welfare in China

Bethany has partnered with the government to support the deinstitutionalization of children with significant disabilities by placing them with families through foster care.

Foster Care in China

Bethany has been providing family-based foster care to children since 2008. To date, our partner orphanages in Henan have completely taken over the responsibilities of recruiting, training, and placing children with foster care families, as well as conducting follow-up visits. The 125 children in foster care are kids who will most likely not be adopted domestically or internationally and are often not healthy or thriving and are missing parents’ love and affection.

Keeping Families Together

The GIFT program, which serves to support families and children with disabilities, continues to thrive in two community centers. The centers are open three days a week and are available for foster care parents to bring their kids who have significant mental and cognitive disabilities. XuBing, the director of the program who started with Bethany in 2010, remains a committed Bethany employee and is dedicated to her work to help families parent rather than relinquish their children with special needs. GIFT is gaining recognition in the area and it is becoming well known for its support of families.

Adoption from China

Since 1992, thousands of children from China have joined their forever families through Bethany’s international adoption program.

Much has changed in the landscape of China adoptions—currently, more boys are available than girls, more children have special needs, and the process takes longer than it did five years ago. However, one thing hasn’t changed—children need a loving family and a place to call home.

To see if you meet the country’s requirements, please complete the Preliminary Application. A formal application will then need to be submitted with the appropriate fee.

Bethany partners with several orphanages throughout China, known as Child Welfare Institutes (CWIs). Our adoption referrals come through the CWIs and through the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA). The CCCWA is China’s Central Authority and is responsible for the protection, safety, and welfare of China’s children.

The Process

Once you are approved, you’ll have access to more information about our Chinese waiting children, including videos, photos, and vital information about a child, including what we know about their personal story. Our adoption specialists have personally met many of these children and have helped the Chinese government prepare an assessment for their adoption documents.

What does it cost to adopt a child from another country?

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Bamboo Project

In China, children with Down syndrome have few options for care. The Bamboo Project is our project focused specifically on finding forever families for these children.  Through various groups and resources, families are supported throughout the adoption process.

Bethany in China

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Learn about the adoption requirements for China including: age, marriage, income, and estimated length of stay when you travel.

Adoption Requirements

We are here for you throughout your entire adoption journey, and even long after your child comes home. Through our post-adoption services, we’ll give you and your adopted child the help and support you need.

Post-Adoption Support
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