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Our Work in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a sophisticated, well-managed child welfare system. Bethany Global has facilitated international adoptions from Hong Kong since 1999. Today, we partner with three organizations that are all accredited by the Central Authority in Hong Kong to find loving homes for children with special placement needs.

Meet the Children

Children range in age from 6 months to 15 years. They have been residing in group homes, foster care, hospitals, or specialized boarding schools. Parents should be open adopting a child with moderate to significant special placement needs. Many of the children who come home from Hong Kong have Down syndrome. Both boys and girls are eligible for adoption, but there are more boys than girls. Siblings and twins are rare. Some children from Hong Kong may already be exposed to English.

Adoption from Hong Kong

In 1999, Bethany began a partnership with Mother’s Choice, a Christian social service organization whose focus is finding adoptive homes for children with special placement needs. In 2004, we began to partner with International Social Services to facilitate international adoptions. More recently, we have begun to work with Po Leung Kuk. Bethany is the only U.S. agency that partners with all three of these organizations in Hong Kong.

What does it cost to adopt a child from another country?

The fees for International Adoption will vary greatly depending upon your state, and the country you wish to adopt from. To help give you the most accurate estimate we can, please start by providing your zip code. Our fee calculator will guide you to an estimate.

The fees shown in the calculator are associated with different phases of the adoption process and do not represent an "up-front" cost.

International Adoption Fee Calculator

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Each country has unique regulations, requirements and fee structures. Visit the {{countryName}} requirements page for more information.

Bethany in Hong Kong

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Learn about the adoption requirements including: age, marriage, income, and estimated length of stay when you travel.

Adoption Requirements

We are here for you throughout your entire adoption journey, and even long after your child comes home. Through our post-adoption services, we’ll give you and your adopted child the help and support you need.

Post-Adoption Support