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Our Work in Romania

In 1991, Bethany Social Services Foundation Romania (a separate entity from Bethany Christian Services in the U.S.) began to serve vulnerable children and families. BSSFR has been our longstanding partner and is one of the oldest private social service providers in Romania. The foundation provides vital supportive services to children and families.

Child Protection and Welfare in Romania

Bethany Social Services Foundation Romania is one of the only providers offering special needs foster care, services to keep families together, parenting support and education, youth services, and volunteer programs.

Our greatest need in Romania right now is for additional funds to support families. If you have a heart for the children and families of Romania, you can help by making a donation below designated to Romania. Your gift can change a child's life.

Foster Care in Romania

Bethany knows that children are best served by families and our work centers on establishing families for children without. Thousands of children around the world lack a family unit because of poverty, illness, natural disasters, and a variety of other circumstances and it is no different in Romania. Bethany is working to change that with our in-country foster care program by placing children where they need to be—in a family.

Keeping Families Together

Around the world, each country faces individual circumstances that cause families to be torn apart or put them at risk to be separated. Bethany seeks to provide appropriate and effective support to help families endure their specific challenges and keep their family together. Our innovative programs target the underlying causes of family disintegration, strengthening families so that they’re better able to protect their children.

Bethany partners with Bethany Social Services Foundation Romania to ensure our interventions are culturally appropriate and to provide continuous and community-based support. Schools, clinics, and churches all become valuable links between the available resources and those who need them.

Bethany in Romania