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Our Work in Ukraine

In 1998, Bethany Social Services Ukraine (a separate entity from Bethany Christian Services in the U.S.) was established to help preserve families in need. This trusted partner continues to deliver vital social services and material support to families in Ukraine.

Child Protection and Welfare in Ukraine

Families in crisis receive support, counseling, and material resources. We offer social work training programs and we're currently involved in an HIV/AIDS project that trains homecare workers.

Keeping Families Together

A loving, stable family is central to a child’s safety and well-being. Bethany offers a range of community-based family support services. We work with in-country partners to minister in culturally appropriate ways. One of the main goals of our services is to keep families together by helping them through hard times.

Humanitarian Aid

In 2014, due to the struggle between Russia and Ukraine, Bethany responded to the crisis by providing assistance to 500 internally displaced persons fleeing to Kiev. Included in this group were a number of Ukrainian children, older persons, and disabled people.

Although we are not a "relief agency," we also cannot adequately accomplish our goals without families first feeling safe. Therefore we first provided material aid, but have since come alongside these families through counseling services to help them cope with the stress and anxiety of war as well as maintain a stable family.

Bethany in Ukraine