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Your church’s heart for mission can include families

Change lives through family sponsorship

Your family sponsorship event will inspire families in your own congregation to care for vulnerable families overseas. A family sponsorship event makes it possible for individuals, small groups and churches to help struggling families move from poverty to self-sufficiency.

It’s easy to start today!

A Bethany Together Sunday gives your church the opportunity to focus a service on family, and hear stories and learn about global families in need. We’ll provide all the help and materials you will need to introduce family sponsorship to your congregation. Use the form below to get started today.

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What people are saying...

Family sponsorship is more than just an event! We invite lead pastors to visit Ethiopia or Haiti before your Bethany Sunday. When pastors see and experience the power of family sponsorship, they can share first-hand stories that inspire their congregations.
Bethany will also connect your church with a church in Haiti or Ethiopia so your congregation is able to learn about the needs of families in their community. You will receive regular updates so you can pray for the families you help and celebrate their progress.


  • Who is Bethany?
    • Bethany Christian Services has been caring for children and families for more than 65 years. We are a global non-profit organization working in 19 countries and five continents. As a worldwide leader in adoption and family services, we know that a child’s best chance to thrive is as part of a safe, loving forever family. Our mission is to show the love of Christ by caring for children. Our vision is a world where every child is in a loving family.
  • What makes Bethany's Family Sponsorship unique?
    • Our Family Sponsorship program brings groups of sponsors together to help provide a customized solution for a single family. In addition, sponsors partner with a trained caseworker that comes alongside the family to offer personal support and expertise to help the family achieve their own goals.
  • What should our church expect?
    • Bethany Sunday gives your church the opportunity to focus a service on family, and hear stories and learn about global families in need. Your congregants will be asked to support this ongoing work by partnering with a family in need. This is not simply a plea for money; it is the beginning of powerful relationships that will change lives and help your congregation grow closer together and closer to God. This program will help you minister to the broader needs in God’s global family.
  • How do I know that my family will be helped?
    • You can have confidence that your gift makes a difference because a caseworker is assigned to help every sponsored family. The caseworker works directly with your sponsored family to understand their situation and design a unique plan that helps them reach their goals. The caseworker closely monitors your family's progress and will post regular reports online so you can follow the progress. We'll send you an email when your latest progress report arrives.

Extend Your Global Mission To Families