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Family-Based Care & Family Preservation

Providing children with the protection of a strong, loving family

Bethany Global's driving mission is to find and support families for orphans and vulnerable children.  Why?  Because families are where children thrive.

Global Foster Care

Orphanages address a child's basic needs. However, only the stable, intimate setting of a family makes it possible for a child to develop to their full, unique potential.  Bethany Global works in partnership with government, local communities, and families to create family-based care systems to support families and children.

In-Country Adoption

Bethany Global helps unite orphaned children with permanent loving families within their own countries of origin.  We also provide a variety of support services that strengthen these newly formed families so that they can care for their children.

Family Preservation

Bethany Global has developed innovative family preservation programs that target the underlying causes of family disintegration, including economic capacity.  By strengthening families they're better able to protect their children and provide them with food, shelter, and education within the family.

Additional Services


Bethany Global equips in-country partners to provide life skills and economic empowerment training that includes job skills, financial management, parenting skills, decision-making to ensure positive life choices, and human rights awareness and action.  The goal is to provide community members with the key skills and strategies that will ensure an independent and hopeful future.


Bethany Global is committed to providing continuous support and professionalism in all that we do. This includes regular, documented home visits by thoroughly trained caseworkers who maintain open and transparent communication with he families and children they serve. Strong case management services are the key to providing best practice and child-focused programming.


We believe the best place for a child is in a loving family. Bethany Global provides consulting services to help churches and organizations develop the programs required to place and keep children in families.

Ethiopia: Family Preservation

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Ethiopian twins Natanium and Bethlehem had been abandoned by their father soon after birth, leaving their mother, Mehret, unable to provide the essentials of life. Mehret was desperately worried about their future—especially after the twins became malnourished.

Today, through Bethany’s Global Family Sponsorship, the family has nutritious food, medical care, and help with childcare. Mehret is now able to look for work that will help her further transform her children’s lives. Her dream is for her children to receive an education. “Natanium and Bethlehem were suffering when we first met them,” says program coordinator Senait Mulugeta. “It gives me satisfaction and hope to see sponsorship making a difference in their lives.”

Ethiopia: Family Preservation

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At age 15, Alemu Dinku took on a role well beyond his years—he became head of the household for his family of eleven. His direction became clear—he left school to work as a daily laborer in order to meet the family’s basic needs. Alemu said, “It’s for the sake of my younger siblings that I sacrificed my life.”

For 12 years Alemu struggled to support his family until he was able to join Bethany’s Family Preservation and Empowerment program. Alemu received job training and household management courses and opened his own hair dressing business. He proudly shares, “I’m excited to be a business owner and to be able to show my success.” He gets excited when he talks about plans to add more services to his salon and open a barbershop nearby. His life is now full of hope.

Alemu wants Bethany to continue to focus on efforts that sustainably change people’s lives. He knows the value of training and the pride that comes with it. “People need to be trained to help themselves,” Alemu said. “Bethany paid for my training, and now I can support my family.”

Haiti: Family Preservation

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Sister Marie’s house was destroyed on January 10, 2010, when Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake. She and her seven children began sleeping on the streets “always looking for wood and metal to use as protection and some kind of shelter.” Eventually they found shelter in one of the tent cities.

Sister Marie shares, “When Bethany came to [the tent city], they asked me three questions: What I wanted them to do, what would be the best way to help me, and what was the biggest thing that I needed. With tears in my eyes, I told them that my biggest need was a place to live…I needed safety for my children. While living in the tent city, three of my daughters had been raped and now were raising children of their own.”

Bethany found land to build a house for Sister Marie, her children, and grandchildren. “I was there every day while it was being built,” Sister Marie recalls. “I was there until the very last rock was laid. And I was there every day to cook for all the workers. Even though I couldn’t do much, I knew I could cook.”

“Then Bethany asked me what else I needed. I couldn’t believe they weren’t done helping me! With all the courage I could gather, I asked for an income generating activity.” With Bethany’s help, Sister Marie and seven other women organized a co-op where they are learning more about cooking and selling vegetables to help start a business. “Our lives are still improving and we have a long way to go, but we are hopeful now. I never expected that I would receive help and I believe it has all been from God.”