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Resources for Adoptees

Finding My Identity as an Adoptee

An adopted woman discovers her identity as an adoptee.

An important aspect of human development is finding a clear identity or sense of who you are. Adoption makes this discovery process more complex. Our resources will show you how to begin your search for your identity.

The Seven Core Issues of Adoption

An adopted person considers the core issues about her adoption.

Adoption experts have found that adoptees commonly experience seven issues related to their circumstances. These seven issues include: grief, loss, rejection, guilt/shame, control, intimacy and identity. 

How to Find Help as an Adoptee

An adoptee finds help dealing with issues related to adoption.

As an adoptee, you may be facing issues such as grief, loss, or rejection. It can be tough to find the help you need. This comprehensive guide explains how to find the right support groups and resources.

Tips for Talking About Adoption

Are you frustrated with insensitive adoption questions? This article explains how to avoid misunderstanding and potential hurt when talking about adoption with your family and friends.

Real Adoption Stories

Adult adoptees share their personal stories of adoption.

Are you an adopted child, or interested in hearing from their perspective? Read seven true and inspirational stories from other, real adoptees.