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Addressing Post-Traumatic Stress in Adoptive Children

Your child deserves every opportunity to flourish—as God intended—in a loving family. Through Bethany’s ADOPTSSM program, you and your child can begin to understand his or her past traumatic events in order to learn how to thrive in a new family.  

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in children can develop from a number of causes or factors. The ADOPTS program is here to help address the traumatic events for adopted children and provide coping skills for today. 

How Can ADOPTS Help my Child?

ADOPTS offers an evidence-based, specialized, trauma-focused treatment for adopted children with or without PTSD symptoms. It addresses the impact of traumatic experiences on children prior to adoption and gives them the tools to develop healthier coping skills in a post-traumatic stress situation. Bethany’s therapists support children and their parents with education and caring intervention to help each family thrive—not just survive.

ADOPTS can help your child cultivate skills to: 

  • Develop healthy expressions of emotions 
  • Understand the effects of past trauma 
  • Increase capacity to form healthy attachments 
  • Build personal strengths and self-identity 

ADOPTS Program Offerings

Family and Individual Therapy

Our focus is to help your child flourish in a nurturing home environment. ADOPTS includes 12–18 family or individual therapy sessions for your child, emphasizing healing from past traumas. The ADOPTS program serves children ages 8 to 17 who have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, traumatic loss, PTSD, or chronic neglect. Many ADOPTS locations also offer a modified version of the program for children with traumatic stress symptoms ages 4 to 8.

Parent Groups

We offer six weeks of parent group sessions to support you in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the challenges of parenting.

Child and Adolescent Groups

We offer six weeks of child and adolescent group sessions focusing on building social skills, enhancing self-concept and developing healthy relationships.

A History of Success

Since 2004, ADOPTS has served more than 700 children and their parents. The model was developed based on the nationally recognized A.R.C. model out of the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Center Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.

Bethany is an industry leader in facilitating ADOPTS and has been recently published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma.

For questions about ADOPTS programming or to check on referral status, please contact the national ADOPTS program director at

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