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Helping Troubled Youth Move Toward Recovery

Since 1985, Bethany Christian Services’ Residential Treatment Program in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offers comprehensive treatment in a home-like setting for adolescent males, ages 10-17 who are sex offenders or have demonstrated sexually aggressive or inappropriate behaviors; have a Full Scale Intelligence Quotient (FSIQ) of 70 or above; or qualify for treatment in a medium security program.

Our treatment program is individualized to meet each young man’s needs

Each program includes group, individual, and family therapies. Licensed psychologists conduct tests and assessments of each youth. Activity therapy is also provided to improve social skills like cooperation and teamwork and aftercare therapy supports youth as they transition back into their communities.

We Provide

  • Group, individual, and family therapy
  • TF-CBT based, DBT informed treatment
  • Psychiatric medication management
  • Psychological assessment
  • Therapeutic milieu
  • On-campus public school
  • Living quarters which contains a community kitchen, dining area, living room. The Unit Therapist, Unit Supervisor, and Youth Counseling staff offices are also located in this building.
  • Additional family meeting areas
  • Advanced video coverage to improve safety and supervision
  • Sensory-motor therapy interventions to complement our individualized trauma-based treatment
  • Group therapy based on age and development
  • New treatment warranty


Some insurance companies cover the costs of residential treatment. Bethany’s residential program is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA). Subsidies may be available through the Department of Human Services, Community Mental Health, Michigan Adoption Subsidy, care management organizations, and juvenile courts.


Phone calls, letters, and visitation between the youth and their family, friends, and workers are encouraged. A list of approved contact people will be developed with the referring agency worker, therapist, and family. When the resident demonstrates a certain level of trust, home visits can be arranged.


Your role as a parent is crucial in the treatment process. You will be provided the opportunity to be involved in much of your son’s treatment process. Your involvement is encouraged to include: school conferences, treatment review conferences, family therapy, and review of court or agency reports.

Parent Handbook

Click here to view and/or download the Residential Treatment Parent Handbook.

PREA Audit Reports

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