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Mentor a Teen Seeking a Family Connection in Pennsylvania

Safe Families PLUS provides a network of host families in Lancaster, Harrisburg and State College for youth who do not want to be adopted but would like to have the support of a family. Unlike foster care the teen does not live with the host mentor family on a day-to-day basis rather, the host mentor family is available to the youth on his or her terms as needed or desired.

How Does Safe Families PLUS Work? 

Volunteer host families (single people 30 years and older, empty nesters, and married couples) are screened, trained, and serve without compensation. A mentor family is selected by the teen and others who are invested in the teen’s well-being and the host mentor family also agrees to accept the teen and provide a supportive family connection. 

The youth in this program are 16–22 years old and are working toward independent living, higher education, or a trade. These youth want a family connection as they transition to adulthood. They are referred to Safe Families PLUS through a local agency. All youth participate voluntarily in this mentorship program. 

Family on the Youth’s Terms

  • Host mentor families can support the youth in the following ways:
  • Text messages
  • Phone calls
  • Weekend visits
  • Visits or involvement with holidays/birthdays/life events
  • Transportation
  • Storage of belongings
  • Mentoring
  • General support: building practical life skills

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